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  • [100-Year Vision]

    PR-AZ will contribute to the creation of a global social structures, while keeping our eyes firmly on the future world of 100 years from now, and will aim for the realization and development of a stable society and secure lifestyle for people all around world.

    [Frontier Spirit]

    With focus on business categories which are essential to lives on the earth, PR-AZ continues to bring together all of our technology, knowledge and leverage, and to innovate and take on new challenges.

    [Mission as a public entity]

    As a company, PR-AZ always understands that companies are allowed to exist within society, and can be composed of all of the related parties such as PR-AZ members, stakeholders, associates and customers. It is our greatest pleasure as a company to share moving experience with them and grow all together

    Management Vision

     We specialize in areas of business that are essential to people’s lives.
     We also tackle challenges in our home country, Japan, and PR-AZ’s company management is based on the preserving life, improving living standards and developing the economy.
     We carry out our business with a focus on creating systems which will allow people to feel peace of mind as they build a picture of their future.

    Medium-term Management Vision

     We actively work on solving problems our home country faces with regard to energy resources and the environment. We construct, manage and introduce clean energy power plants that can generate energy equivalent that consumed by 1,000,000 households.

    Short-term Management Vision

     In addition to Japan, we continue to expand our business into other countries on a worldwide scale, to enter into various business areas for energy resources and related businesses and to actively build more stable infrastructures.

  • Trade Name



    • [Head Office] -MAP-
      1-1-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
      Aichi 450-6326 Japan
    • [Tokyo Office] -MAP
      3F Pacific Square Kudanminami,
      2-4-11 Kudanminami
      Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074 Japan
    • [Taiwan Office] -MAP
      9F-3 No.48, Sec.2,
      Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist.,
      Taipei 110 Taiwan
    • [INDONESIA Branch] -MAP
      JI. Radio Dalam Raya No.16B
      Jakarta Selatan 12140
    • [Hakodate Office] -MAP
      3-24-10 Ookawa, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun
      Hokkaido 041-1122 Japan
    • [Ishikawa Office] -MAP
      140-1 Ka, Matsudera-machi,
      Ishikawa 920-0011 Japan


    665.53 million yen(Including capital reserve)

    Date established

    July 9, 2008


    Tomohiro Tohyama, CEO

    Construction business license No.

    Licensed by Governor of Aichi Prefecture (Special-26) No. 107118

    Business Operations

    • Solar Power Operations
    • Biomass Operations
    • Wind Power Generation Operations (Small-scale) (Midscale) (Large-scale)
    • Storage Battery Power Operations
    • Power Producer and Supplier (PPS)

    Affiliated Companies

    Akai Lease Sales Co.,Ltd.
    IBS Co., Ltd.
    The number of employees (including group companies): 242
    As of June 2023

  • March 2001
    Started the business at Meieki, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi
    July 2008
    Established Prospec Holdings Inc.
    April 2010
    Head Office relocated to Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya
    May 2012
    Established Sky Power Co., Ltd. with Taiwan First Division listed company
    Enter mega solar business
    July 2012
    Head office relocated to Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya
    November 2013
    Opened the Ishikawa branch
    August 2014
    Opened the Tokyo Office
    Entered the wind power business
    November 2015
    Opened the Taiwan Office
    May 2017
    Opened the Indonesia Office
    October 2018
    Changed the company name from Prospec Holdings Inc. to Prospec AZ Inc.
    Relocated the head office to JP Tower Nagoya, 1-1-1 Meieki,
    Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi
    February 2020
    Purchased Akai Lease Sales Co.,Ltd.
    May 2020
    Opened the Hakodate Office
    June 2021
    Purchased IBS Co.,Ltd.
    August 2023
    Relocated the Tokyo Office to Kudanminami
  • Optimal energy mix for the future.
    Creation of a stage where each and every person can lead a rich life.

    All the energy we need to live comes into this world from Mother Nature. For this reason, if we choose the excessive pursuit of comfort and convenience, we will face difficulties in maintaining and protecting the recycling-oriented society and environment from ancient times, which may threaten to close the road to the future.
    Prospec AZ Inc.(PR-AZ) is in the business of creating the infrastructure needed for each and every person to lead their lives and for society to develop based on renewable energy. One of our philosophies is to supply only the amount of energy needed for the development of each region, such as Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, in the most appropriate way possible, rather than achieving happiness in exchange for the environment that has been nurtured. PR-AZ will continue to form an optimal energy mix based on waste-free power generation systems and supply systems that have been tailored to this.
    What we seek is the creation of a Smart City that fulfills the dream of a recycling society in which there are no by-products and waste resulting from power generation. As well as the foundations for daily life, PR-AZ also creates the industries needed to develop an economic foundation, as well as cultural activities to help people live even richer lives.

    The future of PR-AZ is here as we aim at the formation of healthy and sound societies and lifestyles in anticipation of the next 100 years.

    CEO Tomohiro Tohyama
    Senior Managing Director
    Masaki Ishikawa
    Chief Technical Officer
    Kazutoshi Umeda
    Akira Hayakawa
    Susumu Murakane
    Yasuo Suzuki
    Kaneyoshi Kato
    Kiyoshi Kito
    Hiroyasu Yamada