Privacy policy

Handling of the personal information

We are now in the environment where a variety of information is electronically available and utilized effectively by transmitting a lot of information at high speed due to highly developed computer networks such as Internet, etc. However, the environment that allow us to transmit a lot of information at high speed itself could increase risk of information leakage and it has been required safe and reliable control to handle personal information which companies and organizations possess.
PROSPEC AZ Inc. believes it is our important responsibilities to handle users’ personal information with caution, regards handling of personal information as a basic of corporate activity and is working on controlling it properly and safely.

We are committed to protecting personal information, while recognizing the importance of the protection of personal information in high-speed information communication society, based on the following policies:
1. Acquiring personal information
We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means.
2. Utilizing personal information
We utilize personal information within the purpose of use stated at the time of acquisition of personal information to the extent required to accomplish our business.
In this regard, however, exceptions stipulated in Article 16 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information (cases in which it is based on laws and regulations, cases in which it is necessary for the protection of the life or property of an individual, etc.) are excluded.
We appoint a management representative for safe control to prevent personal information from leaking and supervise not only our employees but also companies we commission works to.
3. Providing personal information to third parties
We do not provide any personal information to third parties without prior consent of the subject person, except as provided by laws and regulations.
4. Controlling personal information
We control personal information properly and safely.
5. Inquiry, correction, deletion and suspension of use
Please contact us when the users’ information is found to be incorrect. We immediately respond to the user’s inquiry and notification of reference, correction, deletion or suspension of use. In order to prevent our users’ personal information from leaking to third parties, as soon as we confirm that the person is identified as the user who made these notifications, we will disclose, correct, delete or suspend use of personal information within reasonable period of time.
6. Compliance to applicable laws and other regulations
We comply with applicable laws and other regulations in regard to personal information registered by the users.
7. Immunity regarding to link destinations
The third-party businesses linked to this site do not fall within range of our responsibilities so that Privacy Policies of the third-party businesses are to be applied.
8. Other utilizations
We do not make any statements or guarantees if contents of this site are appropriate or not for the users’ environment.
9. Revision of privacy policy
Our privacy policy may be revised in order to protect users’ personal information with absolute certainty or as changes of Japanese laws and other regulations are made.
*In regard to utilization of personal information we acquired in the past, we may send and transmit mails of our various announcements and greetings with utilizing names, addresses and mail addresses of users who have made inquiries, etc.
Tomohiro Toyama